hive 2011

HIVEsessions presents Philip Jeck (DJ set)

Date:Thursday 24 March 2011
Venue: Leaf, Bold Street
Time: 20:00 FREE

We're pleased to announce the first of our regular HIVE sessions at Leaf starting on Thur 24 March. Free, themed and dj led, they offer a refreshing take on city centre listening from the outer limits. Quality guests and the occasional live act from across the electronic music spectrum join the HIVE residents and visual artists, all for free. For the first, we've asked Philip Jeck to dig into his crates and put together a dj set spanning the range of his influences. As someone who first became interested in the creative potential of vinyl after a sojourn in NYC in the golden era of the late seventies, we're sure this will be unique and inspirational, a great way to kick off what is shaping up to be a pretty special run of guests.

Preceded by:

University of Liverpool School of Music and Samizdat present

My Life in Music of the 20th Century and Beyond: Rhys Chatham

Date:Thursday 24 March 2011
Venue: Upstairs at Leaf, Bold Street
Time: 18.30 - 20.00 FREE

The School of Music are pleased to host a guest lecture by Rhys Chatham, one of the central figures in the New York avant-garde music scene of the 1970s and 1980s. Chathams career transcends classical/popular boundaries and has spanned minimalism, electronic music, post-punk and no-wave. He studied with electronic music pioneer Morton Subotnick, worked with La Monte Youngs group the Theater of Eternal Music, and became the first musical director the Kitchen, lower Manhattans legendary experimental art space. His large scale-compositions for electric guitar (comprising of up to one hundred guitarists) broke new ground in the field of contemporary music and have been performed all over the world. Rhys' talk will cover his life-long relationship with music including performing, composing, and curatorial experience as the founder of The Kitchen music programme; and his relationship to contemporary music including Webern, Stockhausen and Boulez in the fifties, AMM and MEV in the sixties, the jazz/experimental music mix of the seventies in NY (Karl Berger, Anthony Braxton, Frederic Rzewski).

His contemporaries included Arthur Russell, Lydia Lunch, James Chance, DNA, Glenn Branca and Peter Gordon and he was part of the influential No Wave scene in New York.


Upitup Records presents DJSCHMERZLABOR

Date:Friday 25 February 2011
Venue:Don't Drop the Dumbells, 22-24 Hardman Street, Liverpool

Hive DJs: 22:00 - 23:30

Upitup / Bunker

hive 2010

Destroy All Linguists

Date: Saturday 16 October 2010
Time: 11pm - 3am (free)
Venue: Old Rapid Paint Shop, Berry Street, Liverpool

Sets from HIVE DJs and VJs, a chance to peruse our archive, the opportunity to witness Aisle 16's Ross Sutherland and Tim Clare performing poems based on the destruction of language while Hive artists digitally distort and re-interpret it on the fly, all followed by an exclusive set from the lauded Forest Swords. Tickets are free but limited, pick them up at Diesel or check the info here.

Forest Swords - Rattling Cage from ///NO PAIN IN POP\\\ on Vimeo.

Our event at FutureEverything earlier this year has just been immortalised through the first ever release on new label Broken20. As well as a digital download, 'We Can Remember It For You Wholesale' by TVO/The Village Orchestra will shortly be released as a DVD package including a short documentary, footage and visuals by HIVE, check all the blurb on the release here and explore the website for some ace podcasts. More HIVE related releases include Phil Jeck's new album, which houses bonus remixes from his Suite: Live in Liverpool release recorded in our spiritual home, The Box in FACT at a HIVE event a couple of years back. Details and a free download here.

Another HIVE related event that's coming up is Mountain, an artistic collaboration between Anni Hogan, HIVE's Robert Strachan and Bob Wass, and mountaineer and explorer Cathy O'Dowd. Using the Himalayan peaks as a soundwave template, Rob and Anni have created a soundscape around piano compositions inspired by Everest; an accompanying film by Bob Wass has also been created from O'Dowds original film footage from her Everest summits. Debuting at the Brewery Arts Centre Kendal Nov 18th, you can also catch this stunning piece at the Dundee Mountain Festival 26th November and later in the year at the Aberystwyth Mountain Festival.

Anni & Rob from Hive Collective on Vimeo.

Also, if you need a book to keep you warm over the winter, HIVE's Rob Strachan's co-authored book The Beat Goes On about the history of the Liverpool music scene is out in all good bookshops.

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Memories are brighter than our digital debris

Date: Saturday 15 May 2010
Time: 2pm - 6pm (free)
Venue: Contact Theatre, Manchester

Part of FutureEverything

Everyday digital archives have become ubiquitous through the use of mobile technologies such as smartphones. As a result, we're constantly archiving and recording our experiences, often at the same time as we experience them. Immediate, esoteric and transient, digital representations actually mirror the fleeting nature of memory itself, becoming confused, misappropriated, anachronistic and ultimately forgotten.

For this interactive performance culminating in a unique performance from TVO, the Hive Collective invites you to trade a copy of your digital memories either in person or by uploading to the website below. In return, invited electronic audiovisual artists will take these as their starting point, creating an immediate immersive environment in which your recollections are replayed, re-presented, confused and ultimately erased.


One of the regular rotating hosts of Glasgow's infamous 'Numbers' club, Ruaridh Law just may well be one of UK's more varied and talented producers. His wide ranging multitude of aliases and projects stretches from dancefloor oriented techno as TVO through to considered and serious drones and ambience as Accrual and The Village Orchestra. Consistently inventive, Ruaridh takes inspiration from many literary and esoteric sources beyond the usual sound and music palletes, often times creating his own software or embarking on audacious sound recording trips to achieve a specific sound: The Village Orchestra

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About The Hive Collective

The Hive Collective is a group of audio and visual artists which has been at the forefront of developing innovative electronic music and audiovisual performance in Liverpool since the organisation was established in 2003. During this period, Hive has run a series of events at FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), staged several successful international festivals and promoted a number of one-off performances in art spaces and clubs throughout the city. Hive actively encourages innovation by programming events with artists from across the broadest spectrum of electronic music, encouraging one-off collaborative performance and providing unique environments for their events.

Schaefer / Jeck / Bluecoat


hive 2009

Icasea / SkamIcasea meets SKAM

Friday 24 July 2009

The Kazimier
4-5 Wolstenholme Square
Liverpool L1 4JJ

20:00 - Late
£5 before 23:00 / £6 after

Tickets at Probe Records
or on the door


















Kettel FlyerInari, Binary Jam and Hive

Saturday 14 February 2009




anni hogan & Rob Strachan

Static Gallery
23 Roscoe Lane, Liverpool, L1 9JD

19:00 - 00:00

£5 / £3 on the door


Reimer Eising aka Kettel (1982) from Holland, classically schooled pianist, has been a busy man since his first 7” record on the legendary Planet Mu label in 2003. Passing by labels like Kracfive, Neo Ouija and Clone, Kettel is now an established IDM household name. In a genre that is rather to die than to live, he undoubtedly keeps his head up with recent tours in Japan, the USA and all over Europe. Kettel is probably most known for his striking Depeche Mode and Dash Berlin remixes and the Through Friendly Waters (2005) album that was topcharting in Japan. The Kettel liveshow recipe may differ a little from his releases, but also finds melody as the biggest foundation of his brews. Apart from that, there will be tougher beats, tougher acid and a sample from an elephant. Recent liveshows on the Monegros Festival in Spain, various shows in Berlin (accompanying Plaid) have proven Kettel isn’t merely working in the head, but also on the dancefloor.
mp3-recording of Kettel live in Rotterdam in Nov-2008

While most kids his age were probably out there doing Ruud Gullit impersonations on the streets, Len was experimenting with samplers and skycraper-sized computers noisier than an overheating Boeing 777-engine. Now, 17 years later almost, it takes little to tell this guy grew up with electronic music: his natural and intuitive way of dealing with it is gaining recognition all over the place. Len’s music is conscientiously produced electronic music with a definite musical, cinematographical feel all over it, but it can go everywhere: he’s fluent in an abundance of styles and moods. Be it phantasmagorical opuses for weddings of the future or apocalyptic rhythmscapes that will shake the ground, anything’s possible. On his liveshow you never know what you’re gonna get, but you just know it’s going to take your mind off the current world for a second.

AMOS will present his newest audio visual project - “THE WINTER WILL NOT LAST FOREVER”, which explores the concept of hope as neomodernist practice in the desert of the real.

Anni Hogan & Rob Strachan
Producer, collaborator, DJ and writer Anni Hogan first came to prominence as a musician in Marc Almond’s Marc and the Mambas. Hogan would continue to work closely with Almond until the early 1990s as a writer, arranger, performer and producer. Among many current projects, her compositions with Robert Strachan are particularly striking; micro-constructions and piano melodies blended into profound and beautiful new shapes. Such experimentation underscores much of Strachan’s recent work, which included the stunning improvised soundtrack to accompany ‘Blue Remix’- a performance by the Swiss artist Yann Marussich as part of the sk:interfaces exhibition at FACT.

And HIVE and Binary Jam DJs and VJs


Hive Twilight City 2008

Hive Twilight City 4Hive Twilight City 4: Uncanny Space

Saturday 6 December 2008

Alva Noto (21:00)

Uusitalo (Vladislav Delay) (22:00)

Donnacha Costello (23:00)

The Kazimier
4-5 Wolstenholme Square
Liverpool L1 4JJ (map)

8:30pm - Midnight (with afterparty at a nearby venue)
£5 (Probe or on the door)

Tickets are no longer on sale via PayPal but there are plenty at Probe and on the door

"I see the confusion of a city lost in transition from one age to another" (Derrick May on Detroit)

As a new city slowly emerges from amidst the dust and clatter of construction, Hive's final Twilight City event - Uncanny Space - simultaneously sounds an elegy to Liverpoolís past whilst heralding its future through a celebration of the best in contemporary electronica and techno. Held in one of the cityís most exciting venues, each performance will revel in the endless possibilities of electronic music to move us from the past to the future.

Alva Noto (Carsten Nicolai, Raster-Noton)
Founded in 1996, Raster-Noton has become one of the worldís leading electronic music labels; its minimal aesthetic extends beyond the realm of music into art and design and such breadth was rewarded with the coveted Ars Electronica prize in 2000. As Alva Noto, co-founder Carsten Nicolai has worked with the likes of Ryiuchi Sakamoto and Bjork and here presents his latest album, Unitxt. Based on the simple concept of digitizing the everyday content of his wallet, Unitxt sees compellingly precise rhythms, cavernous bass and robotic melody collide in a telling critique of the digital nature of contemporary existence.

Uusitalo (Vladislav Delay)
Uusitalo means 'new house' in Finnish, country of origin of Berlin based Sasu Ripatti whose many monikers include Luomo and Vladislav Delay. ĎElectronicaís omni-musicianí according to The Wire, each of Ripattiís guises offers up a brand new take on vocal house, abstract techno and exploratory sound; reflecting on a past indebted to dub and funk whilst challenging the orthodoxy of the dancefloor.

Donnacha Costello (Minimise)
Revered across Europe as a pioneer of minimal techno, Donnacha Costello is perhaps one of the most important producers working in contemporary dance music. His recent Color Series releases beautifully captured the joy of analogue sound and were heralded as a milestone in contemporary techno. Unmissable machine music and a fitting finale to Hive Twilight City.

Hive Visual Artists
Utilising the amazing Kazimier space to its fullest extent, HVA will provide an unforgettable collage of film, graphics, imagery and light.

Plus Hive Resident Djs and special guests

Hive 08.4 from Hive Collective on Vimeo.

Hive 3

Hive Twilight City 3: The Spectacular Suburb

Saturday 13 September 2008

Matthew Herbert

Chris Watson

Hive DJs + VJs

the Bluecoat
School Lane
Liverpool L1 3BX
8pm - 10:30pm

Tel: +44 151 702 5324

The Hive Collective has commissioned two of the world’s most accomplished sonic pioneers, Matthew Herbert and Chris Watson, to collaborate on a unique composition constructed entirely out of recordings from Crosby Beach – the site of Antony Gormley’s Another Place installation.

A one-off event at a specially prepared performance space within the Bluecoat will see Watson explore Another Place through a series of source recordings, followed by Herbert’s presentation of a brand new musical composition based on those recordings.

By considering what these impassive iron men ‘hear’ as they gaze on the changing seascape and a changing Liverpool, the audience will, in turn, be encouraged to reimagine both the installation and the surrounding area, as well as reflect on how definitions of place vary, yet hold a truth, as they pass from person to person.

Challenging yet accessible, the event aims both to introduce new audiences to music composed from field recordings, as well as explore questions relating to what can constitute ‘music’ in a city dominated by more traditional definitions of authenticity.

About the Artists

Matthew Herbert
Restless innovator, sampling wizard, classically trained pianist and superstar collaborator, Matthew Herbert is one of electronic music's most versatile and prolific figureheads. Herbert has produced and remixed artists as diverse as Björk, REM, John Cale, Roisin Murphy, Yoko Ono and Serge Gainsbourg. An alchemist of avant-garde sound in the tradition stretching from Stockhausen to the Aphex Twin, Herbert combines playful pop sensibility with a strictly imposed experimental agenda.

Chris Watson
Chris Watson is a world renowned sound recordist and one of the pioneers of UK electronic music. Chris has travelled the world exploring the wildlife sounds of animals, habitats and atmospheres for some of the BBC’s most popular natural history programmes, such as Life in the Undergrowth, Talking with Animals, Big Cat Diary and The Life of Birds for which he won a BAFTA . Beginning his career as a musician in the Sheffield band Cabaret Voltaire, he has released three solo CDs through Touch.



Hive SoundHive Twilight City 2: Shopping remixed

Saturday 12 July 2008

Part 1


St John's Shopping Centre
3pm - 5pm


Part 2





The Box at FACT
6pm - 8pm


Part 1: The Hive Collective invite you to transform the St John’s Centre into an interactive musical instrument

Part 2: Live Perfomance: Retail Envoronments and Everyday Objects

Hive Twilight City: Shopping remixed

Hive present a unique interactive audiovisual event which explores and interacts with the soundscapes of the city's retail environment.



Part One: You Are Sound, St John's Shopping Centre/BBC Big Screen 3pm - 5pm

In an inversion of the usual passive 'background music' associated with shops and malls, Shopping remixed will engage with the city’s physical environment and its shoppers to turn the St John’s Shopping Centre into an interactive musical instrument.

Noise Club

Sound Art collective Noise Club will use elements of the shopping environment (such as the physical space of the centre and shoppers themselves) to control sound producing electronic circuits. These sonic interventions will combine with an especially composed ambient sound work which will be simultaneously broadcast throughout the centre. The event will be linked to the BBC Big Screen in Clayton Square.


Part 2: Retail Enviroments and Everyday Objects remixed, FACT, The Box 6-8, Free

Footage of the St John's intervention will form the visual core of an electronic music event which will take place at FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) culminating in a performance by the electronic musician Machinefabriek, an artist internationally renowned for weaving the acoustic ambiences of everyday spaces into beautiful, dreamlike and often unsettling music.


Machinefabriek is one of the rising stars of electronic music. His prolific output of releases on numerous labels such as 12K and Type have earned him international critical acclaim. In this performance he will be integrating specially recorded ambient soundscapes of Liverpool’s retail environment into beautiful, dreamlike and often unsettling music.


Matthew Fairclough/ Kathy Hinde

Internationally renowned audiovisual team Matt Fairclough and Kathy Hind bring everyday objects to life an eclectic mix of electronica inspired by the musique concrète tradition. Fairclough and Hinde have collaborated with some of the most famous names in contemporary music such as the Elysian Quartet and Joanna McGregor and have toured extensively in Europe and China. For this event they will use the everyday objects of commerce (such as a bicycle, a Le Creuset dish and some decorative wind chimes) for a performance in which music and visuals are created in real time.

Hive Sound Banner


Hive Twilight City 1: Industry versioned
Static Gallery
Friday 7 March 2008
8pm – 3am

£8 advance (£10 on door)



Hive Cog LogoJah Wobble / Jaki Liebezeit / Philip Jeck

The Bug feat. Warrior Queen



Djs Furness / Venom / Dreadnought
Dj Alextronic
Hive visual artists








About the Artists

Jah Wobble / Jaki Liebezeit / Philip Jeck (UK/DE)
Jah Wobble has established a worldwide reputation as a dub innovator since he helped reconfigure the post-punk landscape as a founder member of PIL alongside John Lydon. Likewise, Jaki Liebezeit's precision rhythms propelled Can to seminal status as one of the most influential rock groups of the 1970s. Liverpool based sound artist Philip Jeck creates sound collages from the grooves of ancient and forgotten records, evoking contemplation of the past as the future happens. An unmissable collaboration.

The Bug featuring Warrior Queen (UK/JA)
Kevin Martin’s work as The Bug has seen industrial noise blend with Jamaican influenced rhythm and bass to staggering effect. For this event The Bug is teamed with the incredibly exiting Jamaican MC Warrior Queen. This promises to be one of the most explosive live shows of 08.

Shackleton (UK)
Co-runner of the Skull Disco label, Shackleton has seen his dubwise melodies and intricately percussive workouts championed across the globe, making connections between diverse audiences of techno lovers and bass junkies alike.

Mugstar (UK)

Hive Banner


PRS Foundation for New Music

Hive Twilight City is a series of four high profile audiovisual performances over the course of 2008 paying tribute to a potentially overlooked part of Liverpool's essence: its industrial and business buildings, its bricks, Liverpool the space - the iconic and mundane, the city centre and the suburb. Each event will work as a celebration of existing city structures as the city itself moves onwards, a snapshot prior to the city’s ongoing mutation into a premier 21st Century City. In each event familiar sounds are reworked, familiar sights distorted in a feast of the best in new electronic music and state of the art projected visuals.

Hive Twilight City is supported by the Liverpool Culture Company Ltd as part of the European Capital of Culture 2008 programme.