Saturday 17 November 2007

We blow out four candles with an unmissable line-up of sonic experimentation and visual wonder. In a celebration of digital sound, internationally renowned artists rub shoulders with local producers fresh to performance in one of the city's finest venues...


Plaid (Warp)
We are extremely proud to present one of the UK electronic music scene's most visionary acts. From their seminal work as a side project to The Black Dog to remixes for the likes of Bjork and Portishead, Plaid have been ahead of the rhythmical curve every time. Do not miss!

Geiom (Berkane Sol)
Dub controller Kamal Joory's gifted productions on Berkane Sol fuse a modernist take on bass pressure with pristine electronics, creating melodic and complex tracks regularly championed by the likes of Kode9. It's a different take on the dubstep virus, shaking preconceptions alongside soundsystems.

Frog Pocket (Planet Mu)
Come On Primates Show Us Your Teeth!' Frog Pocket's latest long player explores folk, minimalism and mind melting beat action. Imagine The Wickerman dancing to freakbeats on the shoreline from Planet of The Apes.

Dealing the Hand (SoundNetwork)
Early member of Liverpool's burgeoning SoundNetwork, sonic artist Dan Barret 'manipulates the sonic and physical qualities of objects and spaces to explore the dynamics between experiences and created memory'. His performance promises to subvert both.

Joe Pettersen (UK)
Hive is proud to continue to showcase local producers alongside more established acts. Joe has been producing for five years and his debut performance melds techno minimalism with a keen ear for bass.

Hive Visual Artists
Hive's resident visionaries are planning a truly interactive one-off visual experience for this event, exploring the notion that the camera steals the soul. Art and audience will become as one, with added cake.

Plus HIVE resident DJ Alextronic


Saturday 11 November 2006

Kangding Ray
The final part of our celebration of three years of electronic exploration draws four diverse artists from across both the electronic music spectrum and the globe to our spiritual home, The Box.
Live sets from:

  • Teleseen, US  (Percepts)
  • Fisk Industries, UK (Highpoint Lowlife)
  • Pendle Coven, UK (Modern Love)
  • Kangding Ray, FR/DE (Raster-Noton)

+ Hive DJs & VJs
"Brooklyn's Teleseen is an electronic M.C. Escher, using unreliable perspectives and impossible angles to tessellate a sonic space. Beginning as breathy house synths, truncated and bevelled, stir amid bead-curtain percussion; then widening out with the introduction of a muffled kick, a high tremulous smear, and recessed flecks of dubby echo." (Pitchfork)
Fisk Industries
Fisk Industries is Londoner Mat Ranson concocts a heady blend of warp-driven basslines, chunky breaks and contrasts it all with field recordings and analogue synths.

Pendle Coven

"A cross between the peerless skills of Theo Parrish and the sublow cuts of the Digital Mystikz or maybe even Kode 9 might give you the descriptive fuel that’s so hard to articulate when it’s gone 4am." (Boomkat)
Kangding Ray

Kangding Ray aka David Letellier was born in France and is based in Berlin. Letellier evolved as a guitarist and drummer in various bands whose influences ranged from rock and pop to jazz before moving into electronic music. His work is a reflection of his background as it integrates guitar loops, bass lines, residual noise, acoustic instruments and digital anomalies to create a textured soundscape which attempts to find a balance between the flow of melodies and the ever changing structure of rhythm (Raster-Noton).

Venue: The Box, FACT, Liverpool L1 4DQ
Time: 1pm - 6pm
Tel: 08707 583217
Cost: £7 / 4.50(conc.)



Hive Festival of New Electronic Music: 12 / 13 November 2005

Hive Festival Banner 2005

Festival Film: courtesy of our good friends at Levi's Antidote (lots of live footage and interviews)

Festival Photos: flash or no flash

Festival Audio:

FACT & Korova (map)
FACT tickets: 0151 707 4450

Notes on the Performers

Saturday 12 November 2005: FACT 14:00 - 18:00 (SOLD OUT)

Saturday 12 November 2005: Korova 21:00 - 02:00 (£8)

  • Djs Scott 'Nocturne' McGill (T-Funkshun) & The Werewolf (Warp Nesh parties)
  • Visuals: WassArts and Guests

Sunday 13 November 2005: FACT 14:00 - 18:00 (SOLD OUT)

  • Anders Ilar (, Shitkatapult, Se) - performing at 14:30 -
  • Caution! Horses (Manchester, UK)
  • Tom Q (Liverpool, UK)
  • rand()% (Sheffield, UK)


Official press release (pdf)
Festival flyer: front & back (jpg)
Print advert (jpg) - as seen in The Wire (November 2005)
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Sebastian de Ferranti (1864-1930)

At the age of 22 Ferranti became Chief Engineer of the London Electric Supply Corporation, and was deeply involved in the planning, generation and distribution of electricity. In 1910 Ferranti started an effort to standardise the power supply, which eventually culminated in the National Grid in 1926. He was born in Liverpool at 130 Bold Street.

Image courtesy of the Institution of Electrical Engineers



This project is supported by the Liverpool Culture Company's Creative Communities initiative, FACT, Liverpool Capital of Culture 2008, the Millennium Commission, the PRS Foundation for New Music and Levi’s Antidote.