Hive 003

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Coil – Wrim Wram Wrom
Johan Johannsson – Odi et Amo (Touch)
Pub – Cokeshandy (Ampoule)
Frost – Refrain (unreleased)
Chris Clark – Umbilical Hut (Warp)
Ulrich Shnauss - Knuddlemuss (morr)
Apparat – Wooden (Shitkatapult)
Intricate – Deliberate On (Spezial Material)
Izu – North Star (Stuff)
Pedro – Amber (Melodic)
Colleen – Everyone Wants answers (Leaf)
David Sylvian/Fennesz – Fire in the forest (Bahaminda)
Boards of Canada – Everything You do is a Balloon (Skam)
Gescom – Sciew –Spoc (Skam)
Coil – Further Back and Faster
The Andies – The Kangaroo Bank of Mr Hanky Frank (Stuff)
Jan Jelenik – Facelift

Matt Testcard cafe mix

opiate - insert
dub tractor - f
dsico vs fiddy - in da club (dancehall mix)
four tet - unspoken
michael andrews - burn it to the ground
christ - pylonesque
iermoc - darko
opiate - welcome
human league - things that dreams are made of (instr.)
alexander robotnick - les grandes voyages de l'amour
klein & mbo - Dirty (ATOC mix)
sparky/the truffle club - perculatin
toctronic vs console - freiburg
i am robot and proud - the catch
autechre - slip
les negresses vertes - La Valse


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