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Hosting Alexander Wendt's Frequenzen show: 13 January 2005

Listen to a recording of the show here (192 kbps mp3, 124 MB)

Matt Testcard's Hive Live-ish Mix:

Alexander Wendt - H.I.V. Part III (
Moth - Illoonak
Maroufleur - Giant Shoulder Explosion In Paris (Hippocamp)
TomQ- Untitled
Portable - Untitled (Sud Electronic)


Apparat - Solaris (Neo Ouja)
ISAN - The Race To Be First Home (Morr Music)
Twitch - Drone 3 (unreleased)
Coil - Where is Your Child (after Bam Bam) (Threshold House)
Subtle - Red, White and Blue (Lex)
Pedro - Fear and Resilience (Prefuse 73 mix) (Melodic)
Machinedrum - New Too (Merck)
Mount Vernon Astral Disaster - Track 1 CD2 (Eskaton)


Bass Junkie - Transmitting On All Frequencies (Breakin’ Records)
Richie Hawtin and Steve Bug – Low Blow (Minus)
Frank Bretschneider – Expecting Someone Taller (Underscan)
Invisible Structure – Preview/Not (Monotype)
Strcprstskrskrk – Fataherzog (unreleased)
Felix Laband – Sleepwalking (African Dope)
Danny DeGraan – O Super Mom (Staalplaat)


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