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Hive Twilight City 2008

We are excited to announce our new project for 2008. See the Capital of Culture press release for more information.

Hive Twilight City will be a series of four high profile audiovisual performances over the course of 2008 in tribute to a potentially overlooked part of Liverpool's essence: its industrial and business buildings, its bricks and plate glass; the iconic and the mundane, the city centre and the suburb.

Culminating with a CD and publication, each audiovisual performance will work as a celebration of existing city structures as the city itself moves onwards, a snapshot prior to mutation: familiar sounds reworked, familiar sights distorted.

More details soon(ish).


- Strcprstskrzkrk experiments with electronic music
- Testcard provide electropop blog nonsense
- Hive Resonance 104.4 FM show available here (playlist)

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