Hive present a Long Night of the Biennial eventHive Late at Tate

Thursday 30 October 6-11pm
Tate Liverpool
Free admission

HIVE explore the ways in which the relationship between the heart and the machine is endlessly Made Up through an evening of carefully selected music, performance and live intervention.

Wolfgang Flür (ex-Kraftwerk) Ich war ein Roboter (reading)

Kraftwerk’s joyful hymns to modernity form some of popular culture’s most enduring works and their influence on contemporary electronic music is immeasurable. Hive is delighted to present former member Wolfgang Flur reading and screening related visuals from his celebrated autobiography I was a Robot. As drummer / electronic percussionist between 1973 and 1986 Flur is in a unique position to share his experience of one of the most influential bands of all time.

Robert Strachan and Anni Hogan (Live)

Producer, collaborator, DJ and writer Anni Hogan first came to prominence as a musician in Marc Almond’s Marc and the Mambas. Hogan would continue to work closely with Almond until the early 1990s as a writer, arranger, performer and producer. Among many current projects, her compositions with Robert Strachan are particularly striking; micro-constructions and piano melodies blended into profound and beautiful new shapes. Such experimentation underscores much of Strachan’s recent work, which included the stunning improvised soundtrack to accompany 'Blue Remix'- a performance by the Swiss artist Yann Marussich as part of the sk:interfaces exhibition at FACT.

Testcard (Live)

Testcard are an electropop trio based in Liverpool who meld power pop, future disco and pristine Italo to soundtrack poignant tales of modern urban life. Coolly observing the contradictions of contemporary relationships, Testcard swerve the electropop stereotype through soaring, soulful vocals and an unashamed love of pure pop.

Café del Lar DJs

The Café del Lar doesn't exist, it's an imaginary place where the Mersey meets the Medi and the ferries go to Birkenhead not Formentera. Phil Thornton and Ste Connor have been championing the original 'balearic' ethos in Liverpool for the past two decades and refuse to accept any musical boundaries or phoney marketing pigeonholes. Their rare as hen’s teeth mix cds travel from sun scorched West Coast psychedelics to distant galaxies of space funk and beyond...

DJ Joe Mckechnie

Label runner, club promoter, musician and regular DJ at the legendary Fukdup Ravers nights, Joe has remixed tracks for, amongst others, ROC, Alabama 3, Echo and The Bunnymen, Ladytron, X-Press 2 and Will Sergeant.

Hive visual artists

Hive’s visual artists debut a film screening based on the recent Shopping Remixed Hive event, which saw local sound artists Noise Club challenge, perplex and delight Saturday afternoon shoppers in Liverpool’s St John’s Shopping Centre.

Plus HIVE DJs, Outsiders Film Festival screening and Biennial exhibition

Sat 17 November

We blow out four candles with an unmissable line-up of sonic experimentation and visual wonder. In a celebration of digital sound, internationally renowned artists rub shoulders with local producers fresh to performance in one of the city's finest venues...

Plaid (Warp)
We are extremely proud to present one of the UK electronic music scene's most visionary acts. From their seminal work as a side project to The Black Dog to remixes for the likes of Bjork and Portishead, Plaid have been ahead of the rhythmical curve every time. Do not miss!

Geiom (Berkane Sol)
Dub controller Kamal Joory's gifted productions on Berkane Sol fuse a modernist take on bass pressure with pristine electronics, creating melodic and complex tracks regularly championed by the likes of Kode9. It's a different take on the dubstep virus, shaking preconceptions alongside soundsystems.

Frog Pocket (Planet Mu)
Come On Primates Show Us Your Teeth!' Frog Pocket's latest long player explores folk, minimalism and mind melting beat action. Imagine The Wickerman dancing to freakbeats on the shoreline from Planet of The Apes.

Dealing the Hand (SoundNetwork)
Early member of Liverpool's burgeoning SoundNetwork, sonic artist Dan Barret 'manipulates the sonic and physical qualities of objects and spaces to explore the dynamics between experiences and created memory'. His performance promises to subvert both.

Joe Pettersen (UK)
Hive is proud to continue to showcase local producers alongside more established acts. Joe has been producing for five years and his debut performance melds techno minimalism with a keen ear for bass.

Hive Visual Artists
Hive's resident visionaries are planning a truly interactive one-off visual experience for this event, exploring the notion that the camera steals the soul. Art and audience will become as one, with added cake.

Plus HIVE resident DJ Alextronic

Four Tet meets Open Field Church: Sunday 29 July 2007

Hive provides DJ/VJ support for this collaboration between the prolific avant-jazz electronica of Four Tet and weirdo Brazilian acapella group Open Field Church.

In collaboration with Liverpool Music Week.

Venue: Bumper
Address: Hardman Street, Liverpool
Date: Sunday 29 July 2007
Time: 20:30 onwards
Entry: FREE




Hive is pleased to host an unmissable pairing of two of The Leaf Label's most esoteric acts Colleen and Triosk on a rare UK tour.

Triosk formed in Sydney, Australia in 2001 performing improvised- based music in which electronics play an active and equal role. Their live gigs update jazz for the post-digital age, invigorating the sound with explosive post-rock action and glistening, cracked electronics.

Colleen aka Cécile Schott is a Paris based artist compiling a beguiling body of work. Her beautiful and haunting songcycles lurk in hidden chambers beneath the fields of modern composition, micro- electroacoustica, arthouse folk, and invisible soundtrack psychedelia. Simple but effortlessly charming, Colleen's music is one of magical details - naïve instrumentals filled with warmth, melody and soul. On this tour she will be exploring a sound world normally associated with early music, playing rare instruments like viola de gamba and spinet (a kind of harpsichord).

Plus DJ Alextronic & VJs Bob Wass & Sam Burn

Venue: Cinema 3, FACT, Liverpool L1 4DQ
Time: 8.30pm
Tel: 08707 583217
Cost: £7 (£5.50 conc/members)

Hive Microfestival: Saturday 11 November 2006

Kangding Ray
The final part of our celebration of three years of electronic exploration draws four diverse artists from across both the electronic music spectrum and the globe to our spiritual home, The Box.
Live sets from:

  • Teleseen, US  (Percepts)
  • Fisk Industries, UK (Highpoint Lowlife)
  • Pendle Coven, UK (Modern Love)
  • Kangding Ray, FR/DE (Raster-Noton)

+ Hive DJs & VJs
"Brooklyn's Teleseen is an electronic M.C. Escher, using unreliable perspectives and impossible angles to tessellate a sonic space. Beginning as breathy house synths, truncated and bevelled, stir amid bead-curtain percussion; then widening out with the introduction of a muffled kick, a high tremulous smear, and recessed flecks of dubby echo." (Pitchfork)
Fisk Industries
Fisk Industries is Londoner Mat Ranson concocts a heady blend of warp-driven basslines, chunky breaks and contrasts it all with field recordings and analogue synths.

Pendle Coven

"A cross between the peerless skills of Theo Parrish and the sublow cuts of the Digital Mystikz or maybe even Kode 9 might give you the descriptive fuel that’s so hard to articulate when it’s gone 4am." (Boomkat)
Kangding Ray

Kangding Ray aka David Letellier was born in France and is based in Berlin. Letellier evolved as a guitarist and drummer in various bands whose influences ranged from rock and pop to jazz before moving into electronic music. His work is a reflection of his background as it integrates guitar loops, bass lines, residual noise, acoustic instruments and digital anomalies to create a textured soundscape which attempts to find a balance between the flow of melodies and the ever changing structure of rhythm (Raster-Noton).

Venue: The Box, FACT, Liverpool L1 4DQ
Time: 1pm - 6pm
Tel: 08707 583217
Cost: £7 / 4.50(conc.)

Hive presents Corporate Athlete to the Shoppers: Saturday 4 November 2006

For the second of our three Birthday events, we bring minimal electro from Corporate Athlete to the BBC Big Screen in Liverpool city centre in association with Liverpool Music Week. Corporate Athlete will perform alongside Super Numeri and Kinetic Fallacy as part of BBC3's Mixing It.

Time: 12pm - 3pm
Venue: Clayton Square, Liverpool City Centre

Hive 017: Wednesday 25 October 2006

Philip Jeck & Rosy Parlane (Touch) - Flyer

Philip Jeck in Prague 2006

As Hive contemplates its 3rd year, the seminal label Touch celebrates its 25th. We are therefore extremely proud to blow out our candles alongside turntable experimentalist Philip Jeck and New Zealand-based Rosy Parlane.

"Using a number of battered turntables, a Casio keyboard, and a CD player or minidisc, Liverpudlian Philip Jeck creates dense, pulsating sound collages from the grooves of ancient and forgotten records. Though he stands over his decks with headphones on, his intention and methods with records has nothing to do with beat-matching or spinning tunes. Records are truly just sound sources...raw material to be shaped via mixer and effects into his ghostly compositions. Jeck's endlessly rotating platters, like the whirr of moving film, serve as a constant reminder of the time-based nature of the medium. These pieces happen, and all you can do as a listener is try to extract information before they fade back into nothingness. You have to listen close and listen often." [Pitchfork]

"On the one hand, Parlane stretches sound from guitar, piano and organ into unrecognisable drones that swell into dense layerings, every once in a while coalescing into fluttering half-melodies. On the other, he emphasises the textural qualities of those digital fragments, simulating the natural acoustics of ice crackling from trees in winter or the gentle patter of rain on a windowsill. When fusing these together by placing the textures against the backdrop of the drone, Parlane effectively builds pointillist sound environments with a profoundly human melancholia." [The Wire]

Watch Parlane, with broken arm, in action at the Tate Modern in 2002 (Realplayer)

+ Hive VJs & DJs

Venue: The Box, FACT, Wood Street, Liverpool
Time: 8pm - 11pm
Tel: 08707 583217
Cost: £7 / 4.50

Hive 016: Wednesday 19 July 2006

Scanner (Bette / Sub Rosa / Bine Music)

Scanner in Amsterdam

Scanner has been one of the major innovators and stalwarts of experimental electronic music over the past decade. His first works infamously scanned and sampled mobile phone conversations, police broadcasts and the electrical ether itself. The now sadly defunct Melody Maker described him as ""a kind of end-of-millennium renaissance man... everyone's favourite phone-tapping, sonic terrorising, media junkie, academic mover and shaker and, quite possibly, the avant-garde's first sex symbol". Scanner has had a long relationship with Liverpool and he will be utilising the Box and its screen to the very limit of their potential. A performance not to be missed.

Support: Amos
Operating in the margins where precise dissection of melody collides with barely audible static, Liverpool based Amos' uber-deep pieces offer up a refreshing new take on soundscaping.

Dj: Roger Hill (BBC Merseyside)
The Pure Music Sensations radio show presenter brings his eclecticism to The Box for a one-off, multi-format dj session.

Hive residents Djs/Vjs

Venue: The Box, FACT, Wood Street, Liverpool
Time: 8pm - 11pm
Tel: 0151 707 4450
Cost: £7 / 4.50

15 - 17 June 2006: Hive is hanging out at:

Sonar 2006

Hive are off to Barcelona for Sonar 2006 and we are really pleased to be represented on the Logarhythm stand at this year's event. If you are going, come down and say hello, it'll be located in the Record Fair.

Hive 015: Wednesday 10 May 2006

Veejay vs. Deejay

The Hive Collective return to The Box for another session exploring the boundaries of audiovisual entertainment. Soundsystem culture will be revisited in a one-off videoclash event, focusing on the increasingly dynamic art of veejaying. Visuals teams, including A Glass of Milk, Burneverything and Wassarts, will battle each other accompanied by dj sets from Matt Testcard and Jasbof alongside live performances by Adam Sloan and Corporate Athlete.

Venue: The Box, FACT, Wood Street, Liverpool
Time: 8pm - 11pm
Tel: 0151 707 4450
Cost: £5 / 4

Hive 014: Tuesday 25 April 2006

Iris Garrelfs (Bip-Hop)

Iris is best known for her situation specific emotive, improvised performances based on digitally warped voice sounds. Transmuting and making collages Iris explores the encounter of human expression and technology. Described as the Diamanda Galas of Glitch, her work aims at "combining electronic control with an element of Yoko Ono's conscious primalism" (Wreck This Mess, Holland).

+ Kinetic Fallacy

DJ Alextronic
VJs WassArts & Sam Burn

Venue: The Box, FACT, Wood Street, Liverpool
Time: 8pm - 11pm
Tel: 0151 707 4450
Cost: £5 / 4

Biosphere (Touch): Thursday 20 April 2006
with screenings by visual artist Egbert Mittelstaedt.

Hive, Picturehouse and DJ Nova are extremely pleased to present Biosphere live in concert. Arguably Norwegian electronics' most important artist, Geir Jenssen has amassed almost two decades of work including several albums, soundtracks, installations and commissions. As Biosphere, he produces intense minimal crystalline works; subtle flickering sounds become widescreen images; a distant dog bark becomes a subliminal rhythm track. Sounds conjure images of vast panoramic wastes, yet feel warm and comforting.

+ DJ Alextronic

Venue: FACT, Wood Street, Liverpool
Time: 9pm - 11pm
Cost: £10.50 / 8.50

Hive @ Bracket This: Friday 17 March 2006
The Arena Gallery, Duke Street, Liverpool

Scrubber Fox (Skam / Musikexperience)
Straight outta Wigan. Mr Fox takes cues from old school rave, the cut and paste dexterity of music concrete, industrial brutality and acoustic minimalism. He also talks shit on the mic.

Tom Q (Liverpool)

Hive 013: Tuesday 14 March 2006
The Box, FACT, Wood Street, Liverpool

randomNumber (Highpoint Lowlife / Rock Action)
Based in Leeds, randomNumber's Matt Robson creates what has been described as 'Northern Wrongbeat', a mesh of emotive, brooding harmonies drawn and quartered by complex, beat-heavy rhythms. It's digital music with a human heart at its centre.

Jacques Malchance (Upitup records, Italy)
Join Jacques for a fantastical trip through melodic madness.

Hive Festival of New Electronic Music: 12 / 13 November 2005
FACT & Korova (map)
FACT tickets: 0151 707 4450

Notes on the Performers

Saturday 12 November 2005: FACT 14:00 - 18:00 (SOLD OUT)

Saturday 12 November 2005: Korova 21:00 - 02:00 (£8)

  • Djs Scott 'Nocturne' McGill (T-Funkshun) & The Werewolf (Warp Nesh parties)
  • Visuals: WassArts and Guests

Sunday 13 November 2005: FACT 14:00 - 18:00 (SOLD OUT)

  • Anders Ilar (, Shitkatapult, Se) - performing at 14:30 -
  • Caution! Horses (Manchester, UK)
  • Tom Q (Liverpool, UK)
  • rand()% (Sheffield, UK)


Official press release (pdf)
Festival flyer: front & back (jpg)
Print advert (jpg) - as seen in The Wire (November 2005)
Design by the mighty Burneverything


Sebastian de Ferranti (1864-1930)

At the age of 22 Ferranti became Chief Engineer of the London Electric Supply Corporation, and was deeply involved in the planning, generation and distribution of electricity. In 1910 Ferranti started an effort to standardise the power supply, which eventually culminated in the National Grid in 1926. He was born in Liverpool at 130 Bold Street.

Image courtesy of the Institution of Electrical Engineers



This project is supported by the Liverpool Culture Company's Creative Communities initiative, FACT, Liverpool Capital of Culture 2008, the Millennium Commission, the PRS Foundation for New Music and Levi’s Antidote.

Hive @ The Sightsonic Club: Friday 14 October 2005
City Screen Basement, York - Flyer

Part of York's Sightsonic Festival of Digital Arts:

Live: Pixel (Raster-Noton) from Denmark
plus Alextronic and Strcprstskrskrk (The Hive Collective, Liverpool) - at the forefront of contemporary digital music.
Visuals by Bob Wass.

Also check Christian Fennesz (Touch) on Saturday 15 October.

Time: 9pm - 1am
Venue: City Screen Basement
Price: £5/£4 (conc)
Phone: 01904 541144

Strcprstskrskrk @ Sprawl: Wednesday 12 October 2005
Charterhouse Bar, London

Continuing with his Ultra-Imaginary Project, Strcsprstskrskrk uses samples from films and their directors' commentaries to create beatdriven dubscapes. Film by VJ Bob Wass.

Also live: Jamka, Wang Inc and Xela

Venue: Charterhouse Bar, 38 Charterhouse Street, London EC1
Time: 19:30 - 00:00
Cost: £4 / £3
Tube: Farringdon / Barbican

Hive @ Polished T Gallery: Thursday 29 September 2005

New exhibition launch: supermanraycharlesbukowski
Music and visuals from the Hive Collective.

Venue: Polished T Gallery, 37 Duke Street, Liverpool
Time: 6pm - 8pm

Hive on Fact.Fm
July - August 2005

The Hive Collective contributed various tunes (by Testcard and Strcprstskrskrk) to the online radio project Fact.Fm, as well as posting a blog on that site.

Leipzig Headphone Festival: Sunday 17 July 2005
Le Placard / Privatelektro

Strcprstskrskrk streams directly out of his lounge into Leipzig and the rest of the world with a 2 hour live and dj set.

Module: Wednesday 6 July 2005
Hev'n & Hell

Live: Testcard (tracks on Fact.FM); The Mexican
Dj Dupes (electro set)

Matt Testcard (dj set)

Hive 012: Wednesday 29 June 2005

Hive returns to FACT with prodigious electronic experimentalist Si-Cut.db whose distinctive microsound file morphing has been released on Bip Hop, Fallt and Highpoint Lowlife. He also organises the highly influential Sprawl night in London. Support comes from Highpoint Lowlife labelmate Tigrics.

+ Hive’s own Strcprstskrskrk teams up with vj Bob Wass for the first presentation of their Ultra-Imaginary Project based on the work of German filmmaker, Werner Herzog.

Hive 012, featuring Si-Cut.db and Tigrics, was broadcast on Welt-am-Draht (7 July 2005)

DJ sets: Andy Odia (ex-Roger) of Manchester’s Black Heart Disco and Alextronic (playlist).

Expect a few surprises as Hive continues to champion new electronic music for Liverpool.

Majka: Lahudkovy jungleovy mejdan: Saturday 30 April 2005
In Spiral, Pilsen, Czech Republic

Strcprstskrskrk plays new music for a new Europe: flyer.

BBC OneMusic: Tuesday 19 April 2005
The Cavern

10pm - 12am: Alextronic and Strcprstskrskrk (avant-jungle tag team set)
Main Stage: Radio 1's Huw Stephens, Ras Kwame and Rob da Bank.
Live: The Cranebuilders, Global Goon, MC C-mone, Elbow
Second Stage: Santa Carla, Marlowe, Snap Ant, The Wombats, the Hive Collective

Venue: The Cavern, 8-10 Mathew Street, Liverpool L2 6RE

Boom Bip: Monday 4 April 2005
Carling Academy Liverpool

This special event is made more special as local act ar.d will be showcasing his new electronica sound supported by Hive's very own wunderadult DJs Alextronic and Strcprstskrskrk, who will be throwing down their unusual array of vinyl and laptop delights as support.

The Monday Module: Monday 4 April 2005
The Magnet

Otaku no Denki present a new night of live electronica with performances from Phasic, Igor Hax and Otaku no Denki themselves.
Strcprstskrskrk and Alextronic in the Fishbowl

Drone: Sunday 20 March 2005

Dj Set: The Bastard Sons of Bass (Not From London): "Devoted to insidious basslines and the bowel-clenching joys of a sonic colonic"
Live: Phasic (Hippocamp)
Residents: alextronic and strcprstskrskrk

Venue: Bar Fresa, Colquitt Street, Liverpool

Drone: Sunday 27 February 2005

The Hive Collective presents the second monthly night of experimental tunes in a laidback environment. The emphasis at drone is on djs rather than live performance and we aim to create a comfortable social space for Liverpool’s electronic music community.

Djs: strcprstskrskrk (hive), Igor Hax (privatelektro), ar.d (Zoda), Rob Testcard (hive)
Venue: Bar Fresa, Colquitt Street, Liverpool

ISAN & Pedro: Wednesday 16 February 2005

Hive and The University of Liverpool School of Music present a very special evening of live electronica
Time: 7pm - 11pm
Venue: The Eleanor Rathbone Theatre, University of Liverpool, Bedfrod Street, L69 7ZA


ISAN (Morr Music) (live)
Their 'sound is an ethereal template of perfection - analogue electronics have very rarely sounded more soothing. Sublime'

Pedro (Melodic) (live)
'I was trying to take a hip hop aesthetic and expand the range of references to stuff like 20th century classical, jazz, 2 step, early electronic music - all the stuff that I get inspired by'.
Plus Dj Alextronic, Vj Fusion

SWALK: Sunday 13 February 2005
Venue: The Bumper, Hardman Street, Liverpool
The Hive Collective host the front room of this benefit event.

Live: Phasic (hippocamp), Zoda, Global Goon (Rephlex) (5pm-8pm)
Dj alextronic

Drone: Sunday 30 January 2005

Djs: Matt Testcard, Igor Hax (Privatelektro), alextronic (hive), strcprstskrskrk (hive)
Venue: Bar Fresa, Colquitt Street, Liverpool

hive on Resonance 104.4 FM: Thursday 13 January 2005

Listen to a recording of the show here (192 kbps mp3, 124 MB)


We take over the Frequenzen show for one week only, featuring:

  • A hive live retrospective of 2004 by Matt Testcard
  • Sets (and talking!) by alextronic and strcprstskrskrk

hive 011: 1 December 2004

Frank Bretschneider (Komet) (live)

One of the cofounders of the seminal microscopic music label raster-noton, who has recorded for Mille Plateaux and 12k. His minimal dub pulse sound is radically infectious and has transformed the experimental music scene in ways that are still yet to be properly understood. An un-missable opportunity to hear one of the true geniuses of contemporary music and hive is proud to bring him to Liverpool for the first time.

Global Goon (live) (Audio Dregs / Rephlex)
lullaby melodies and optimistic sunshine synth jams
Introducing: Raupe (live)
foundsound, instrumental manipulation and electronics from liverpool

dj alextronic v. bob wass (live motion graphics)

hive biennial weekend: 13 / 14 November 2004

hive @ swirl
As part of Liverpool's Biennial, hive host an afternoon of digital loops and drift in Valeska Soares' mirrored room, Swirl, at the Tate Liverpool.
DJs: Matt Testcard and strcprstskrskrk
(download strcprstskrskrk's The Look Out Mix 95mins mp3, 18MB, playlist)
Venue: Tate Liverpool, Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4BB

hive @ )Bracket This(
Live electronic experimentalism from Tom Q , Corporate Athlete and Igor Hax (privatelektro).
DJs: alextronic and strcprstskrskrk
Venue: Arena Gallery, 82-84 Duke Street, Liverpool L1

The Sub Sessions: 10 November 2004 (Glasgow)

Hive resident dj alextronic plays at a new electronica night in Glasgow called the The Sub Sessions at the legendary Sub Club.

hive010: 27 October 2004

Celebrating our first birthday in The Box with Apparat (Shitkatapult / bpitchcontrol) - who rocked Sonar in June.

Astro + Prism, Newcastle electro producers and vjs, lay down a deep bass dj set.

Dedicated to John Peel (30 August 1939 - 25 October 2004)

hive009: Tuesday 27 July 2004

the home of electronica




TEAM SHADETEk (live + dj set): Warp records' freshest signings, New York's TEAM SHADETEk mix live performance and turntable dexterity reflecting their obsession with beats from hip hop to intricate electronica with a ragga/r&b twist. Their latest album, Burnerism, is available on Warp. BBC Report

And introducing: Tom Q (live): New from the Liverpool underground. Tough, uptempo electronics: uncompromising idm.

hive008: Tuesday 29 June 2004

ghettoblast vs phush




Ghetto Blast vs Phush: Maroufleur, Paul, DNCN, Xander
Two stars of Manchester's electronic music scene join forces to bring
their own unique brand of electronics down the M62 (see the net label hippocamp).


Zoda - liverpool-based electronica collective

hive007: Tuesday 25 May 2004

hive celebrates ten years of freedom in South Africa with the
London-based sud electronic record label

lakuti: dj set from the cofounder of sud electronic
portable (live): (sud electronic / background)

satinelephant (live): (12x50)

Also introducing phasic - Liverpool electronician and programmer

hive006: Tuesday 27 April 2004

futuresonic logo

In association with futuresonic <04>
manchester's electronic music festival (29.04.04 - 02.05.04)

Broken Channel Tour

kaffe matthews (live)
Riz Maslen (live)
Films by Coldcut, Ultra Red, Battery Operated

hive005: Tuesday 30 March 2004

Igor Hax (live)

too fast productions [privatelektro / 12x50 / Berlin]

experimental dub / minimal electronica

Twitch (cancelled)

hive004: Tuesday 24 February 2004

cuttingitup -
dj alextronic (hive)
People Like Us (sporting the finest in moose wear)
"Dadaist samplings and reshuffling of cultural oddities" - John Peel
Felix Kubin ( jellyfish, termites, menstrual glamour - it all made so much sense)
"Demented, surrealist electro-ditties" - The Wire

Alexander Wendt

hive 003: January 27th 2004

liverpoolelectricity -
Alexander Wendt (live) (12times50)
Moth (live)
Otaku no Denki (live)
Hive DJs

hive 002: Tuesday November 25th 2003

Music is Better Evening -
Roger (live)
Testcard (live)
Dialogue DJs

hive 001: Tuesday October 28th 2003

Launchnight -
Dialogue DJs
stuffrecords with Sparky and Izu
Pollen (live)

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